Thursday, August 20, 2009

In Between

Real life for me has been on hold.
I've been on leave for almost 5 months.
At work, I'm in between classrooms, in between assignments, and in between school years. Yesterday I found out I'll either be a 5th grade social studies teacher or a 6th grade reading teacher. Ah to be general ed certified, the possibilities seem endless...

With one job, I'd be in the same building, have the same schedule and colleagues, and be half under the old boss and half under a new one.
With the other, I'd be in a new building, have a new schedule and colleagues I've never met, and be under one new boss.

I'm hoping I get the other.

I'll know next week.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Golden Boys

Since returning from the hospital, my darling boy has spent a lot of time doing this. First it was most of the day, then down to a couple hours, then one it's 10 minutes here or there, or even no time at all. Healing and coming off meds is exhausting hard work.

These two are worth their weight in gold. They are loyal, loving, healing influences. We are so blessed by them.

Since we've been home, he has completed 3 HS summer school classes, re-connected with friends, and reduced his meds (dr supervised) by more then half.

Thank you Lord.