Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Purple Dragon Flies

Last summer, my son decided the spare bedroom would be a better place for my sewing room. So he packed up my stuff and moved it. My sewing room became the computer room; my sewing stuff languished in boxes, baskets, and piles.

One of the first things I did when we got back was move all my equipment and supplies into a corner of the dining room. After organizing and purging, I started sewing again.

There is a sew along/challenge going on that would be fun to join, so I bought the stuff. Yes, those are purple dragon flies on the fabric. Is there a problem?

So far, I have cut out all the pieces.

While Joe was in the hospital, I was staying with a friend of a friend in Cambridge, MA. She is a massage therapist who needed a research subject for a presentation. I volunteered and received 5 sessions. This is the final "after" picture she took of me. I realize I have lost weight but was surprised to notice (gasp) an actual waist line re-appearing! That's one reason I want to make myself a new skirt.

It's No Secret

That Joe and I were away for a long, long time. We were exiled to the distant territory of Boston, MA, where each aspect of everyday life is foreign, but the medical care available is more than excellent.

This is a view from my commute. Yes, that's a train sharing the road with me. I got used to that and lots of other quirks of Boston driving.

We are back home now. Not trying to get back to normal, but trying to find a new normal. Big changes are ahead, not the least of which is that I am no longer a second grade teacher. I'm on leave until September when I will be facing a new assignment.