Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Salvage and Save From Ruin

One day, I left my computer on the kitchen table and went to work. I never did this before, and I will never do this again.

Either a cat or a very mean person knocked over a glass of water which seeped into the logic board, or a very mean person poured water into the logic board on purpose. The very mean person denies having done anything but trying to rescue my computer from what the cat did. His story leaves many questions, but I decided to let it go. After a long time.

It would have cost more to fix the laptop than buying a new one. So I got a new one. The genius at Apple said I could sell the ruined computer for parts. Which I will try to do.

The flowers are on the stove because nothing will get ruined if the cat knocks over the vase.
My behavior has changed since this tragedy.

Now I never leave my laptop anywhere but in my bedroom with the door closed.

Now if I drink anything, I stay away from my computer.

Now I try to make sure the cat has no opportunity to knock over containers of liquid.

Now the very mean person is not allowed in the house when I'm not home.

Now I need to try to sell the old computer.

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  1. I'm catsitting for a friend this month, and I had completely forgotten what little terrorists cats can be. Dogs are destructive and careless in a million ways, but my dogs don't leap onto desks and start nuzzling the corners of my brand new laptop, which is pretty much JOB ONE for these girls.

    Sorry for your loss, and enjoy your new machine!